Month: December 2018


Black heel shoes

Black heel shoes Black lace sexy high heel shoes Guess Shoes – Black Suede Pumps with Platform | High…

Boots block heel

Folklore boho or hippie style? OUTFITS – inspirations … And because I missed something else up there, I had to…
Women's Fashion

Which swimsuits are in style for the summer

Speaking of Summer 2018, I would like to draw your attention to the best swimsuits that are fashionable for this…
Women's Fashion

White lace dresses to wear this summer

Some may say that white lace dresses look too sexy, but I think it’s the most feminine garment in every…
Women's Fashion

White Ladies Jeans – The Best Summer Street Looks

Speaking of best summer street looks, I respond to this awesome collection of white women’s jeans paired with stunning tops…
Women's Fashion

White Denim: How to wear it this summer

It looks like White Denim has come back into fashion. Today, I want you to look at these great summer…
Women's Fashion

Which mini skirts are in style for the summer

It’s fair to say: the miniskirt is a symbol of woman’s femininity and nice woman. This staple is very popular…
Women's Fashion

Women Hipster Best Looks

If you do not know how to become a hipster in 2018, then I’m here to share with you some…
Women's Fashion

Women's tops are style this year

Please welcome another top post. Today I would like to draw your attention to the top tips of ladies who…
Women's Fashion

Women beachwear trends for the summer

I’m in love with the summer of 2018! You can ask me why? It’s pretty easy because I’ve never seen…

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